Up & Running

So, today is the "Big Launch". By launch, I mean I'm going to text a few friends and say "Hey, I made a thing. You can look at it, if you want to."

It's still under construction, so please be kind when viewing. There's definitely quite a few things that I pulled from the front-line, so I could publish something at least somewhat cohesive. They'll have to join us later on down the road.

The important part is this. Because guess what? There's been a surprise turn of events.

One of, if not the biggest complaint of my current work situation, is the shift I work. It's easiest to summarize as "night shift", because it's exactly that. Once the sun starts setting in winter-Ohio, that's about what time I need to be there. I leave just before it starts to rise. Sometimes, if I come in a little early, I see the stragglers from cheery first shift, walking out of the building. Then, all I have to do is stay an hour or two later, and I can greet them when they come back in to work, the next day. No, my job is not on a 12-hr shift cycle. I'd certainly have better work-life balance, whatever that means, if I did.

Because, while they preach the concept of this illusive balance, the reality is more "off-with-your-head" if you don't have a cot pitched in the back room, for 24/7 response capabilities. Yes, I'm a salaried employee.

The part that caught me off guard, was after months and months of asking, then demanding, we're finally going to straight shifts. So, the term "night shift", will actually go true to it's graveyard counterparts. It's a rare breed that enjoys third shift, and I can't say that's exactly me. But hey, I'll take it over what nonsense I was working, before. The switch should be coming in the next couple of weeks, so I'll still be holding down the fort for basically everything outside of bankers hours, but this revelation is an open man-hole cover, shining some light down into the sewer pipeline of a career path this place holds. And yes, that is a very accurate description. There's potential for greatness, but there's a reason their employee turnover is so high. No one likes being forced to live in a shit storm. And if you're a lotus of the bunch, they just transfer you to darker waters. A compliment, in one way, but even a lotus will die in bleach.

A bit off-topic, but given the comatose state I've been in for the last several days, it's given me something to optimistically look forward to, within the next few weeks. 

A large driver to starting this site is dissatisfaction with my current employer. It's nice that they're taking steps to try and make it better, but it's such a tumultuous situation, that I am more grateful than anything that this is finally going live.



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