You've Gotta Start Somewhere...

So, here's my start. The start of something bigger, better, more meaningful than...what? Well, I'm not quite sure of that yet, either. In a time of absolute uncertainty, there are a few things that have, and will, always be consistent. What better way to start this all off than on a note of positivity and gratitude, recognizing what has provided me with stable love and support?

First and foremost, family. My family is the best family, they're probably better than your family, unless they're not your family, then, well, I guess your family is cool, too.

Mi momdre is the stubborn goat, of us all. Many (my father) say I get my attitude from her. If that's the case, then thank you, mom. Thank you, for showing me what a strong woman is, and can be. I've learned the world from you, and how I cope with people...well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

My father, the guiding figure of patience and wisdom, solid and calm as can be. It takes a special breed to deal with a woman like my mother, and you've passed your pardons on to me. As my mother's mini-me, you've allowed me to grow as my own, independent self--one that makes mistakes, sometimes serious, but can always come home to an understanding "Well, you see what you did wrong, then? Yeah, let's not do that, again." It has made living and learning a far less fearsome concept. You've taught me how to be self-sufficient, how to make mistakes in all of my amazing, blazing glory, and you've taught me how to humbly admit when I've screwed up. You've taught me how to, if not gracefully make mistakes, confidently recover. You and mom have placed me on the fast track to success, and for that, I will forever be grateful.

Big Brother, then, I suppose, there's you. Paving the way through the folks poor graces, we've kind of switched roles. Being the model child growing up made following in your steps an expletive I will not use here, but into adulthood, you've been your own trailblazer. You've internalized "The Road Not Taken", and have both struggled greatly, and succeeded greatly. You've set an example; you've always set the example for me. And now, you're setting the example that's leading this charge. The charge to be my own person, and to go after my own happiness in the way I best see fit to do so. The thumbnail for this post, do you remember that night? I do. I remember the words and the emotion of that evening by the river, and it's that sense of love, carefree joy, and gratitude, that I hope to carry with me, always. I've always looked up to you, as little sisters often do, but unlike most people, I've got one hellova brother to look up to. Because yes, if you're reading this, I will forever maintain the 1st grade argument that my big brother is better than your big brother, and I'll be happy to tell you all of the reasons why.

Here's where we get a little more...intimate. There's a tale of two companions, one human, one beast, and how oddly enough, one brought the other into being, in my world. I'll touch on that in greater detail, later; however, Mr. Hercules Beetle is next on the list. He's someone that undoubtedly will be mentioned frequently in the future, and while he's been part of my story for only a short time, has stood beside me during some of my most difficult struggles. Not to come off as too over-dramatic, I understand the world isn't ending. However, the anger, pessimism, and overall sass you have absorbed is admirable. You're something new, to me. You're something I want to happen. And in my ugliest hours, you've somehow managed to roll a chibi me into a steamed bun and make everything comfortable and okay, again. Our tale is just beginning, but you've already become one of my most trusted anchors. Thank you, for sticking this out, with me.

My puppers, my beast, my Turdle. You've made this list too, little dude. Those who've shared life with a dog can attest to how much joy and love they bring, but you're a grounding force for me. You don't care where I work, what I do, or how I smell. You seem to like it more when I let hygiene go out the window for a couple of days, so the real MVP is you, doggo, for not just loving me when I'm a total scrub, but for seemingly enjoying it. But really, though, the thing with the armpits... that's gotta stop.

There's one last pillar that comes to mind, when I think of where I'm at now, and that's friendship. There are a few names that come to mind, but when specifically dealing with this progression in life, there's one name that deserves specific recognition. Asian Child. Once again, our 3am conversations have lead to some random alteration in life. For me, this time, it's this. You're the reason this whole thing actually launched, in the first place. And while times are trying for both of us, right now, I'm thankful we have one another.


And, for now, I think that's a wrap.

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