It’s finally here, October :)

The last week and a half have been a bit of a work & driving blur. Multiple trips between Reno and Silver Springs, plus the longer scheduled work week sure makes for a time warp.

Shuttling the puppy back and forth from Silver Springs has eaten up most of my off time, so for the last week I skipped gym time. What does that mean? It means I wrapped up September on a strong note and went to do a Beast Spartan Race with over a week off from physical activity, and going over 2 months not having run anything over 2 miles.

It was phenomenal.

I didn’t know what to expect, but the Spartan race is way larger than I thought it would be. I’m fortunate to now reside near one of the most sought-after places in the world for winter sports and physical fitness; Tahoe. The Spartan Race was held in Squaw Valley, CA., the same valley as the 1960 Winter Olympics. And after having run those mountains, I now know why. It’s beautiful, and most certainly a challenge of physical fortitude. It makes sense that the 2018 Spartan World Championship would be held there, and it makes sense when you actually think about it that, you, know, there would be competitors from all over the world. The two-day event had athletes from across the globe pushing for the title in the Elite class. I passed a team from Italy, a group of ladies speaking what sounded like Ukrainian, and almost bought a pair of Canadian flag socks just for fun.

While the Elite class truly goes for Gold, I competed in the Beast Open. 13.5mi and 30 obstacles later, I’m not only looking to sign up for the Sprint and Super to fill out the trifecta this year, but to train for an Ultra. And yes, for an Ultra, I’ll actually need to train. The Ultra Championship is held in Iceland every year—30+ mi in the snowy winter wonderland. Maybe I’ll make that a goal.

For Sunday, I took Saturday off from work. The thought originally was to just leave a few hours early in order to drive there safely, but I rethought that and instead, ended up laying in bed until past 2am, with my alarm set for 6. It really helped to reset my sleep schedule from night-life a day prior, but my muscles were definitely telling me they were still recovering from the work week prior.

I at least scrubbed clean my camelbak and dug out my shin compression sleeves, readying myself for an early start. Thank goodness I got there early—since I enrolled in the open, they let me switch my start time to 9am instead of waiting until 10. The race started just off the resort, at a surface elevation of 6,224ft. Going up and down the back trails, it works upwards to 9,000ft pretty darn quickly, dipping up and down to form a quad-killing course. And I tell ya, at several of the more arduous up-hills, I straight up stopped mid-stride to rub out the cramps and seizing muscles. My major take-away? I need to get to the mountains more.

And I need to work on my grip strength.

So, the results are in. How did I do?

Total Time: 5:08:56
Average pace: 25:45mi/hr
Age Group: 10/64
Female: 51/313
Overall: 262/907 (Top 30%)

I’m not mad, whatsoever. But here’s the part that makes me have mad respect. #1 finisher in my age group was also the #1 female finisher of the open, with a mind-blowing finishing time of 2:25:27.

So, here’s to working towards being #1.

I think that recaps most of what I can think of. If you have any questions, pop ‘em in the comments below.

Enjoy the flattering photos taken during the race.