A Little Pre-Thanksgiving Note

It’s Wednesday morning, the day before Thanksgiving. The weather is crisp and cold—a cloudy 29 degrees. I’ve had an oddly normal sleep schedule over the past weekend. After coming home from post-work breakfast on Sunday, I slept all the way until about 4:30a Monday. I went to bed at a normal human hour, and woke up just before 5a yesterday. After another quick trip to the library and an indulgent stop at the corner Donut Bistro, I ventured out to Silver Springs to winterize the animals and drop off Mr. Pickles before the Thanksgiving rush.

My extra hours of solace have gone to good use. I’ve polished off two books in less than 48 hours (binge reading!!) and yesterday I made some fresh bread dough to rise through the morning errands. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it home in time to actually use the bread dough, so the stuffed buns are going to have to wait until next week.

I’ve had a fairly normal running schedule, too. Over the last work week, my puppers has spent more time indoors than out, but yesterday he got to spend time running around the property at Silver Springs, chasing after Pebs and Pickles. After I finish capturing an entry here, I’ll throw in a load of workout clothes, head out for a run, and probably end with a dunk in the hot tub. I’ve got some pies to whip up and toss into the oven, too, to take to Silver Springs before work. It’s going to be a busy 48 hours, but we’ll make it through. Starting my morning off at 6:30a isn’t going to feel good come the end of my shift around 7a tomorrow, but if I get the pies done today, that’s at least two more hours I’ll get to sleep before company begins to arrive, tomorrow.

If you haven’t already guessed it, I’ll be spending Thanksgiving here in Nevada, this year. Work had an on-again, off-again, we’re-not-going-to-tell-you thing going on with whether or not we’re working tomorrow, so I neither bought plane tickets or took the time off to drive. I believe Big Brother is hosting Thanksgiving at his place, this year—sorry I can’t make it :( Eat some pumpkin pie, for me!!

My 15” pie pan is going to go unused, this Thanksgiving. I’m making a deep pumpkin pie in my 10” glass pan, and I picked up two 9” aluminum pans to take to Silver Springs for an apple and a berry pie. Some friends are having a Friendsgiving this coming Sunday for all us fancy folks bound by Tesla, so maybe I’ll use the 15” pan to make a pumpkin pie, then.

If you look at the gallery, you’ll see an artistic rendition of Chicken on the Roof. The polish hen is one of five hens (she’s the only polish, though), that we have out in Silver Springs, popping out eggs on a regular basis. Due to the plethora of eggs (as fresh as farm fresh can get), the pumpkin pies will not be vegan, but instead will contain a few fresh eggs to bind. I have the strictest diet limitations of all who will be gathering, but given the circumstance (the eggs literally freeze and will go to waste if they aren’t consumed—the hens are 1) too young to know how to sit, and 2) it’s going into winter, any babies that may possibly make it through to hatch will likely freeze if not tended to 24/7 indoors). It’s entering the ethical argument over eggs and how egg farming happens, but I feel zero guilt over cracking these home-raised eggs over the dog’s kibble or into the morning scramble. I held off consuming them, and we’re now nearly two buckets deep in eggs. While I can’t say I’m still animal-free, these chickens are far from a cruel living situation, and will likely live out the rest of their feathery lives in Silver Springs. We’re looking into digging a pond for the ducks, but we’ll wait until after winter passes to break ground on that. For now, the ducks have a large steel water basin that we installed a heating unit in, yesterday.

The lady hosting the Friendsgiving is vegetarian, so I’m excited to see what meat-free options are there. Her beau isn’t, so there will still be the traditional turkey and poultry-based gravy for the mashies, so there will be a little something for everyone.

My fruit pies are inherently animal-free, as are corn and ‘taters, and I have a few recipes I’ve experimented with that make some fantastic animal-free stuffing. Checking off my Thanksgiving favorites, this holiday is an easy one to make v-friendly.

Whatever your dietary choices are, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, giving thanks for the family, friends, and food you’re hopefully able to surround yourselves with. Give thanks for the abundance, for all that we have, and let’s all put a little extra effort to spreading kindness and love through the Holidays, to both two-legged and four-legged creatures, alike.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone :)