The Power of Positivity

I think it goes without saying, that a positive attitude can make a world of difference. Most inspirational Pinterest posts are based off of stuff like "Is the glass half empty or half full? It's up to you..." or "If someone bumps your arm when you're holding a cup of coffee, what is to blame when the coffee spills? You could blame the person, but if you had tea, tea would have spilled. So when life shakes you up, it's about what's in your cup that will spill. Let it be positivity...". I mean, that's seriously paraphrasing that parable, and I honestly don't agree with the train of thought it follows, but it seems to be popular and you get the idea.

I want to tell you a little story of my own--one where once I changed my outlook on a situation, Karma (or the Big Man Upstairs) blessed me with an opportunity. One that I've accepted, and that will seriously change the course of my life in the years to come.

So, the basis of this website started as a coping mechanism. One for absolutely despising my current work-life situation and trying to push through, instead of making irrational decisions based on what could be classified as clinical depression, anxiety, and chronic anger. If you've read the last month's worth of writing, you'll know that when February hit, my work shift changed and I not only started getting some semblance of balance back, but I targeted February to be the month I made some serious changes to my shift, my team, and my overall approach to managing life in the workplace. 

In the midst of all of my planning, at the end of January, I received an unexpected email. It was a message from Tesla; the Tesla--the company that just sent a car into space. They reached out "unannounced" and wanted to know if I had some spare time to just to chat. Long story short, what started off as a phone call one afternoon, turned into an on-site interview at Gigafactory 1, just one week later. 

On my flight over, I wrote. I pulled out the trusty ol' pen and paper and wrote page after page. I mean, what else am I going to do on a 5+ hour trip? I wrote my thoughts as they came to me, and had every intention of posting those sheets at the next possible opportunity. Well, the next chance happened to be after I had already heard back from them. I'll post those sheets in a bit, but spoiler alert: I got the job.

Two weeks. In exactly two weeks time, I had gone from speaking with one recruiter over the phone about possibly checking out what they do, to speaking with another about relocation & benefits.

As a result, I missed my first two freestyle snowboarding lessons... But, the honest-to-goodness icing on the cake was turning in my two weeks' notice. It was extremely uneventful, and didn't spark much of an emotional reaction. No relief, no excitement, no joy... partially because although it was turned in on a Friday, I worked the weekend and am still working for the next two weeks. I put in a vacation request, but we'll see if they accept it.

The offer is conditional on passing a background test and a drug screening, so I don't want to get too far ahead of myself. However, unless someone's been slipping Molly into the company coffee pot, I am eagerly awaiting the formal offer. I hope to hear sometime this afternoon/evening, when Nevada catches up to us on EST. I suspect it'll roll in soon, since according to the first conversation I had at the end of last month, I will be relocated and starting by the beginning of March. 

There are still quite a few open ended items--what am I going to do with my house? Extra vehicle? Extra stuff loaded up everywhere? Well, short answer is I'm going to give it away or sell it much as I can, at least. Whether or not that's feasible in such a short period of time is debatable, but I do not want to haul the last 2+ years of nonsense that I've accumulated across the country with me. So, if you're in the market for some glass coffee tables, hit that contact button or leave a comment below, and I'll see if I can't hook you up.

In this time table, right around the time I changed my mindset in January would have been when Tesla began scouting me. Whether it be contact-based, head-hunting from the incorporation I currently work for, or just luck of the draw, it all circles back around to a positive mindset and a specific outlook on things. Charging forward the last month gave me a whole toolkit to talk about, and laid down some groundwork so I'm not totally abandoning my team here, when I leave.

I did receive some good advise tonight: Don't wait. If I'm going to leave, don't wait to do it. Just do it. So I'm plugging forward, still waiting for that "Oh Goodness" moment to hit, and maybe it'll never come. But for the time being, I'm just going to enjoy where this is, where I'm at, and the fact I have no idea what life has in store for me, next. So, wish me luck. On a formal offer, on a positive mindset, and for better things to come. And remember, while this is an extremely abbreviated tale, the moral stands: never underestimate the power of positivity.