It's Official

As of February 14, 2018, I can officially announce I will be working for Tesla, Inc., at Gigafactory 1 in Reno-Sparks, Nevada.

The word is real. It is official. 

Happy Valentine's Day!!

And, while my S/O is off fighting the Kremlin, I'm over here having a party in celebration of the official announcement. By myself. Sans man-friend. Sans doggo. *cue worlds smallest violin*.

But really, though. I'm pumped. Official end date for Ohio is the 23rd of February, and official start date is the 12th of March. I guess I should reach out about putting my humble abode back up on the market, for realz, now.

This coming Friday is Chinese New Year, or Seollal, in Korean. Since my current employer still has yet to state any formal acknowledgement regarding my two week's notice, or the fact I requested to take my last two weeks off using vacation days I've accumulated, I'm still faithfully showing up, every night, until either they give me a thumbs up or my time here expires. I'll be heading to visit my parents this weekend, to celebrate. I'll be back to work Sunday night, and hopefully I'll have some clarification on relocation coming in throughout the following week. The weekend of March 2nd is the Arnold Classic in Columbus, OH., so it would be a good excuse to go visit my big brother in the state capital at least one more time before taking off. 

That leaves the weekend of the 23rd open. I think it would be a fantastic time to throw a bonfire that doubles as a friend housewarming/goodbye get-together and triples as a screw-you-current employer ( that PC to say?). I'll have to stay updated on the weather, but it would be nice to actually use the fire pit that helped seal the deal on the property, in the first place.

Prague is on the menu, as well. Whether or not it's something I'll order, or be able to order, is another matter. However, it's nice to think that I have the option of travelling abroad again, so soon. And it's really nice thinking about what would be there--who would be there--waiting for me when I arrived.

There's quite a bit of unknown happening in the next three weeks. A big "Must Do" is finish the trim in my living room and get the light fixtures working that crapped out on me months ago... I can do without them, since I live in the darkness, anyways, but if I'm trying to make the place seem up to par, I should probably have a working kitchen light. If you've watched any Writing Across the Lines videos, you know what sort of situation I'm dealing with.

Which brings me to YouTube. In the midst of all of this, I'm contemplating a launch of a Turning Strawberry YouTube channel. This past weekend would have had a ton of fun footage, as Sis came up and visited and we had a wonderful, emotional dumping of all our problems into Sephora purchases and cafe dinners. I still need to look around for some video editing software (I have Sony Vega on a flashdrive, somewhere....), but it's a featured special that I've been randomly capturing footage for even prior to the launch of this site. 

Today is sorting day. I'm starting with my upstairs quarters and am separating anything that I do not plan on taking to Nevada with me. It's going to be a serious purge, but in the end, it should make the clutter a bit more bearable. 

So, I guess it's time I update the "about" section of this webpage. Because now, instead of coping, it's closure. It's wrapping up one chapter of my professional career and letting it drive my life to the next place. It's a time of change, and this is one wild way to document it all.

It's official, change is on the horizon. And while I'm a bit huffy about having to uproot, again, I'm happy. Happy to get a bit of me back, both physically and emotionally. Happy that we're finally ending this chapter, and that it's time for the next one to begin.

It's official, while I'm starting to feel like a crotchety old woman, I'm pumped about moving out West and being able to touch the mountains I fell in love with years ago.

It's official; whether Tesla is it for me, or if it's just another epic blip in my life path, I'm steady on course to Turning Strawberry.