Welcome to Reno/Sparks, Nevada!

In the blink of an eye, nearly two weeks have passed. First and foremost, apologies for neglecting you. Secondly, where has time gone?!

So, big first day was last Monday. Orientation was held at a hotel in downtown Reno. First few days were standard orientation stuff--"Hello, my name is...", OSHA stuff, fun facts. Did you know the finished Gigafactory will measure the floor space of 1 billion hamsters? I didn't. The more you know.

Tomorrow will be first day round 2. It's the first day being on my shift... kind of. They've got us working extra days, so my team doesn't start until Thursday, but I'll be hitting night shift Tuesday and Wednesday. I've already met my team, and I'm super pumped to work with them. The job itself will be a challenge, but to avoid any accidental unauthorized shop talk at the moment, I'll switch gears to speaking on life in Reno/Sparks, Nevada. 

My apartment is in the northern side of Sparks, basically on the boarder between Sparks and Spanish Springs. There's a trail leading to a gas pipeline that cuts across the mountains, that starts directly out my apartment door. Needless to say, every possible day I've taken the little loaf out for a hike into the desert. Well, except today. Today I hit the gym, got a hair trim, and then took the dog to Sparks Marina Park. There's a two mile loop around the lake, with a dog park fenced off on the back end that leads down to the water. For the last two days (my weekend), he's been out cold since the moment we've gotten home. We went for a muddy hike yesterday, and ran and played at the Marina, today. He went shopping at the pet store today, too, and came home with a few more treats and toys. 

No, my dog is not spoiled. Why do you ask??

Back to Nevada. So housing is expensive. Actually, everything is expensive. I'm talking 2 dollars for an avocado, and my rent is over triple my mortgage payment back in Ohio. With less than 5% vacancy in Reno, the existing options are pretty limited, and it's causing the housing market to be severely one-sided. If you're looking to move out West, although it's absolutely gorgeous, I can't say I'd recommend getting a place by yourself in Reno. On that note, I may or may not have an extra bedroom available...

Living in Reno is very different from living up where I live, though. I appreciate having a mountain range as my back yard, whereas living in downtown Reno, although it would offer a better social setting, would require leashing my dog at every turn. I'm not too keen on that concept. Living just north of 80 cuts my drive to work down by about ten minutes (I could write a post on its own about how awful not only the drive in to the factory is, but how terrible Nevada drivers are, here). It's about 25 minutes in to the factory on a good day, and it's 20 minutes from door to park at a restaurant or park in the center of downtown Reno. I might look to buy in the south western side of Reno for next year, but for now, I'm pretty happy where I'm at. 

Next weekend, I think we'll check out Pyramid Lake. I've heard some of the legends that connect Pyramid Lake and Lake Tahoe... As long as the weather holds out, I'm going to get a camping pass for Sunday into Monday. It's on reservation land, so I'll need to research the rules first before we roll out, but I'm curious to experience it myself. The plan, for now, is to get there at some point Sunday (we'll see how I feel after working my 5th 12, straight), hike, and set up camp. Hike back Monday morning and come home to prep for work on Tuesday. 

Monday Night Idea: I'm thinking triathlons would be a fun thing to get into while I'm out here. 

I also think Sunday Shelter Day's (Shelter Day Sunday??) should be a thing. Time to look up the closest animal shelter.

Anywhoo, that's all for now!