The Journey to Reno: Day 0-2

This is it! I'm off! The world is my clam sandwich!!

Or, it's just that I have a week to meander my way cross-country, and I'm pumped about the changes and possibilities that lie ahead.

It's the morning of Day 2 of the Journey to Reno. Waking up to an alarm wasn't as unpleasant as I thought it might be after not having used an alarm for over a week. It gave me time to shower, coffee, blog here a bit, and yoga, before having to start my day and exodus from Ohio.
Official moving day was Friday--the movers came to the house in Canton and cleared it out of almost everything. I thought I'd be able to tidy up and wrap things up in time to go to First Friday in Canton before leaving, but I definitely underestimated how much still needed to be done. Friday consisted of more trim work and clearing out stuff I both didn't want, and didn't want to take with me to Nevada. Begin my personal purge.

Internet was disconnected, but I still have utility bills and the likes to transfer to online payment methods for the house. I cleaned my couch up, and with the help of a friend, got it down to Goodwill to donate. We trashed/recycled what else needed to go, but since the movers took my lamps, once the sun went down it was pretty much game over for any more work in the living room. I had a bit of a pizza fiasco Friday night, but that led to me eating a pizza and a half (medium Marco's..mmmm their sauce!) for dinner, and then sleeping in the empty house. Yoga mat plus sleeping bag made for a pretty cozy getup.

Saturday turned into a cleaning day. My parents, with their child-danger-stress radar, came out and at 1pm, launched full swing into getting the place ready for pictures and for future showings. I finished the trim at 2:30pm (last nail laid!!) and from then on out it was straight packing, loading, scrubbing, and sweeping. We closed up the house at 5pm and hit the road to Fostoria. Seriously, three people working full-focus for 4 hours, and we finished at 5pm. Lord knows it wouldn't have looked half as decent as it does now (or even have been finished by now, really...), had my parents not come to save the day, again. Thank you, for saving my skin, as always.

Day 0 complete. The trip begins.

Sunday morning constitutes Day 1, where we woke up and unloaded the vehicles--mom and dad wanted some of the utility items I had at the house, things like the grill, mower, shovels and brooms. We reloaded more items for drop off to my brother in Columbus, and I was on the road just after 12:30.

With puppers in the passenger seat, we got to Emerald City Ballroom at just about 2:30, where I got to spend the next few hours fluffing around with my brother. After dinner and a financial competition pact, I was on the road again just after 6pm. Last leg of the night.

I got to Cincinnati at 8, where I woke up a friend here for the final stay. We exchanged small items, let our furry companions greet one another in their forced amity, and after some tea and a good chat, I started planning my itinerary for the rest of the trip. So, for now, the agenda is as follows:

I still need to run some errands in Ohio before leaving. I found a tick on puppers, Friday, so a trip to get medicine is in order. I'm going to go to REI to grab some cold weather camping gear (I need a warmer sleeping bag...) and then after a quick run on some trails here in Cincinnati, it's off to Taum Sauk Trail of the Ozarks in Missouri!

The 6.5hr leg of this trip will end when the sun sets. Pup and I will camp near the trail head, where we'll start our hike at sun rise (after I heat up a cup of coffee, of course). We'll hike as far as we can before I poop out, or until the terrain gets too tough for the little guy. The trail is rated hard, so we'll see if it requires some climbing that the little guy may have problems with. I'm not that well equipped on this trip to try and tote him up rock faces.

We'll go until we're both tired, before returning to the truck. We'll wipe down and head off for a 5.25hrs trip to Kansas City, where I have a hotel booked for Tuesday night into Wednesday. Hopefully, we'll both be tired enough to knock out pretty quickly. I'll eat breakfast at the hotel before checking out, and then we'll head to the Shawnee park and trail down the road for puppy to eat and run a bit before leaving Missouri. We'll head out likely just after noon for the roughly 600mi leg (9h, with a gas stop) to Colorado Springs, CO.

Hey Asian Child, you reading? Yes, this is where I'm coming to visit you.

It's been, what... just under 5 years, now, since I've been back there, and I have some seriously mixed emotions about it. But, personal issues aside, I am excited for our fur babies to finally meet. My current plan is to spend Wednesday night in C-Springs, and Thursday morning we can take our fur balls to a trail, or the incline, or something, to let them run and play. Or, we'll sleep in. One or the other!

I'll need to hit the road just after noon, though, to start the 9hr leg up through Wyoming into Salt Lake City, Utah. This next 600mi leg will end at another hotel, the final night of the Journey to Reno. I haven't booked anything for here, yet. I'll take care of this at the hotel tomorrow. The idea is to stay in Utah the same way as I rounded out Missouri, and after a run at a local metro park (or lake!) head the last 500mi into Reno, Nevada. The final 7.3h leg of the trip should end no later than 7pm Friday, and while I still have no idea where I'm staying, I'm honestly not all that concerned about it. If I don't hear back by Utah from the Relo people, I'll just detour to a park to spend an extra day hiking and camping.

So, upon arriving at my apartment either Friday or Saturday, I'll get puppers settled in and by then, hopefully, I'll have more details around my first day at Tesla. I'll have Sunday to recoup, and Monday starts the new job!

With all of this in mind, I need to grab some last minute items (extra battery pack, charger, etc.) for the road.

I'll post some updates of the trip when I can, likely in line with the hotel stays where I'll have wifi. Other than that, I'll either be off the grid on day hikes, snapping videos, or I'll post photos to IG when I can @turningstrawberry.

If anyone has any tips or stopping points to see while I'm cutting through, let me know in the comments below!

Much Love & Happy Travelling :)