The Journey to Reno: Day 2-4

Colorado Springs, we meet, again.

It's Day 4 of the Journey to Reno, and I have some time in Colorado to throw up a quick update. Things are going swimmingly.

I got to Colorado Springs last night around 8pm and made a grocery stop for dinner ingredients. Asian Child and myself whipped up a simple dinner last night, and this morning I was able to introduce him to the world of tofu scrambles. We about died from the jalapeno smoke, but all's well that ends well. 

Today was a day of loafing, oil changes, picking up car parts, and an entire afternoon playing in the park with various other dogs as they came and went. Soon, we'll head to dinner at The Burrowing Owl, a dog-friendly, fully vegan restaurant here in the Springs. I'm actually pretty excited to see how this place plays out. 

So adventure updates: Day 2 was a trip out of Cinci to Missouri. We fell a bit behind schedule and didn't get to St. Louis until sundown, so we grabbed a hotel up by the airport for the night. Big thank you to La Quinta for not charging an arm and a leg for housing my puppers for the evening. 

We got up and going just after 9 to hit Mina Sauk Trail. I didn't realize the Trail looped at the waterfall, so we did two loops of the trail and took the Ozark Trail the second time down to Devil's Tollgate. It was an awesome hike and the pup crossed his first running water stream. When we got back to the top of the mountain we got hit with a winter snow storm, but thankfully took shelter in the truck and began our trip over to Kansas City. We crossed the State Line into Kansas just before 9pm, and went to Cafe Gratitude for dinner. I grabbed carry out and we checked into Drury Inn just before 10. I'm thankful they're pet friendly, but they do charge a non-refundable fee.

We slept in past breakfast, but we hit the road just after 11 to venture through Kansas to Colorado Springs. We stopped at Wyldwood Cellars Winery off 70, where I couldn't pass up some of their in-season elderberry wine (and a bottle of blueberry, because it was horrifically sweet yet somehow still delicious). If you're ever making the trip through Kansas, if the amber fields of grain and wandering herds of bovine get a bit old, I recommend stopping at the winery. There's a huge empty lot in front of it where the pup and I played for about a half an hour, too, before hitting the road again, and it's just off the interstate so you don't lose too much travel time. To round out Kansas, we stopped and played at a rest stop just before mile marker 128, and then finished the trip into the Springs. 

The rest of the trip is up on the drawing board. My back is starting to scream that I've been sitting for entirely too long, but the quickest route to Reno is up through Salt Lake City, Utah. Day 4 was spent here in the Springs. The oil change took entirely too long--part of the reason I prefer to do work on vehicles myself is simply because you can never tell. We stopped at Midas here in the Springs and they got me in without an appointment, which was awesome. What wasn't awesome was the $104 charge for an oil change. Why did it cost so much? Well, I checked the receipt before leaving, and they charged me for a larger truck... they plugged in a 4x4 5.3L V8, and even though my oil cap clearly has 5W30 printed on it, they put 0W20 in. I double checked my charges, and asked why they charged me for not only the wrong oil, but for an extra almost 2 liters more than what my vehicle is physically capable of holding. To avoid wasting the oil, I agreed to keep it (hopefully they weren't pulling my tail when they said it's all compatible), but they refunded me for the extra oil they didn't actually use. So, folks, check your receipts. Or better yet, just do it yourself. I am glad, though, that they did a full check of the truck and I'm all set for the last two days into Reno.

And with that, we're going to head to dinner. I'm hoping to depart no later than 7am tomorrow, and we'll see where it goes from there. If we get to the Salt Lake area before it's dark, I'd like to hike up and camp at Gobblers Knob, just north of Twins Peak, Utah (doesn't that just sound fun??). We'll add an extra Day 6 to the trip, before finishing the last 9 hour segment past Great Salt Lake, and into Reno through 80W, but as of today, everything is squared away with housing upon arrival.

Pictures will be added, as the journey goes, and I'll get some of the fun footage up on YouTube before too long...once I stop procrastinating some updates. But anyhoo, we're off!!