Tax Day!


I think that's all I have you say. And you know what? They aren't even difficult to do. It's just all the things that could have roadblocked me in doing them, happened.

I know, I know. Tomorrow is the deadline. "Why did you wait so long??" You ask.

Well, I initially filed them about a month ago on TurboTax, and they told me I owed about 2 grand to the government. Which, I do not. And then, they tried charging me $100 to file. Which, I refuse to pay. So, I held off to file them manually.

So, I waited. On Monday, my stuff was delivered to my new apartment. Yayy! Since the last post, I've moved into my new apartment (which is absolutely beautiful), and had all of my boxes brought out of storage. Notice, I said brought out of storage. Not that I've moved in or put my stuff away. My apartment is currently a land of paper piles, gathered in every corner and strewn about the floor... 

So, after a week from hell at work, I finally dug into my boxes to pull out my printer. I sat down today, downloaded the forms from the IRS' website, and in less than 20 minutes knocked out my federal taxes. Time to print. Cue absolute fury. 

I tore apart box after box after box, trying to find the cables to hook up my printer. I can not find them, anywhere. My guest bedroom is now a mess of unpacked, miscellaneous items strewn about the floor. Next option, e-file with a different software. So I go through and file with the IRS recommended e-file software, and low and behold, their calculations match my own paper filing, and I owe about half of what TurboTax said I did. So, I go to submit. Knock out federal and state together, ya know? Nope. The IRS had different plans. After trying to call the IRS three times today, I finally quit. I closed out of all of my software, and at 5:30pm, I laid down and took a nap. 

I was conscious enough at 6:15p to get online and cancel my reservation for bikram yoga. I then knocked out for another three hours. Now that I'm up, I tried filing ONE MORE TIME via TurboTax (made another username and started completely from scratch). They still tried saying I owed more (by one dolla). So whatever. I go to file, and then they try charging me another $60 on TOP of the $30 to file.


So now, it is 11:30p. I've eaten a pint of icecream and threw together a pan of General Tso's tofu (which I not only nearly burned, but tastes nothing like I meant it to...I'm on a roll today). It's good, it's just nothing like General Tso's anything. I guess that's what happens when I cook in anger. My food comes out spicy and blackened.

It feels like it's only been a day or two since I've last posted, and at the same time it feels like it's been several months. There's been so much going on, every day has been either catching up on sleep, or jam-packed with work and responsibility. I absolutely love it; however, with recent changes, it's about to get a whole lot more busy. 

After I finish eating, I'm going to run to Walmart and pick up a printer (yes, an entirely new printer, and ink, while I'm at it). I need to print these papers off, or else I will NOT be filing on time. I've already given up on trying to go out for Monday Night Karaoke. Responsibilities are squashing all of my late night fun, this weekend.

Hopefully, your tax year went more smoothly than mine did. And is less expensive than mine is, too. 

Keep an eye out for instagram updates, this week! It's a bit of a change at work, so once my last responsibility is complete for the next few days (taxessss), I'll be off on an adventure! TBD :)