One Entry at a Time

So, it's definitely been a while...

Life has It's taken some unexpected turns; some for the better, some are just...different.

Needless to say, I've been off the map for a bit. But hopefully, I'm back. At least, for a little while :)

Just some updates on le vie. 

1) I still work at Tesla. And the hours are still long. And I've put my foot down and only work my set days. The nice thing is, I no longer do the work of 3 people. ...just 2.5.

2) My Turdle has a new friend. He's got a Belgian Brother to keep him company in his current adventures. I question if I'll get my security deposit back after training the not-so-little fella', but on the plus side I now have a Rug Doctor to run almost as regularly as my vacuum...which is also now broken... Thanks, Pickle. 

3) I've fallen off the yoga train. I've wasted $30+ in still owning a gym membership for the last month. And what's even more, I've eaten all the real cow-cheese pizza, icecream, and butter, and face-smashed all the pork tenderloin and chicken breast. Okay, not all of it, but eggs have definitely been a thing. Life the last month has been... a blur. It's been a mash-up of Heroes of the Storm & Diablo III until the sun rises on my days off, and work on my days on. It's been saying "I need to go check out this new place" but then hermitting for four days before the work week starts again.

4) It's also been 2 pet noise complaints. Which, seriously... so the first one I get. Turtle and his new friend had just met one another, and that first weekend were a bit rambunctious. My apologies to the apartment below. However, the second one that came through--the dogs have to walk and live and breath, and they jump on and off the bed. They're kenneled when I'm at work, and I guarantee you I'll wake up from any noise they make before the neighbor below hears them. And you know what? I don't wake up. So I'm either sleeping my life away again, or you're just being a Picky Peter. And no one likes a Picky Peter. Especially, when Picky Peter is going to cost me an additional months worth of pet rent every time he lodges a complaint.

But, that's about it. July is here, Q2 at work has passed, and I think that other than the onslaught of reviews I need to do for my team, I can maybe say I'm getting some semblance of a routine back between work and the little life I have outside of it.

So sorry, friends. I've ghosted the world for the last month, which is...unfortunate. However, I'm back, one entry at a time.