Take Care of Yourself

I feel like in the last few years, the worst colds I've ever gotten were in the summer... I've been sick 3 times that I can count in the last 5 years. All three times, I can attribute to work and work stress. Two terrible summer colds, and one that actually made sense, in the winter.

I was down for the count, last week. I came home from work with terrible body aches Saturday/Sunday morning, and the rest is history. After a week on literal bed-rest, I tried muscling through a shift Thursday night. After being completely useless for a solid 12-hrs, I finally caved and went to the clinic on Friday. 

It was neither strep throat or mono, but my gland was the size of a golf ball sticking out of my neck, my tonsils looked like they were going to hatch the Flood, I had a fever for over three days straight, and the roof of my mouth/gums were so blistered and raw with sores that just thinking of a toothbrush left a metallic taste in my mouth.

Gritty details aside, I took the last antibiotic prescribed, yesterday. I feel 100x better, and from taking an extra two days off of work, I'm actually on some semblance of a day/normal life schedule (so much sleep...). So much so, that I didn't realize it was already Wednesday!

But, now that I've recapped the fact the last week and a half I've basically been in a coma in my bed, I'm functional just early enough to get ready for A Night in the Country!

Work tomorrow night, and then Friday and Saturday I'll be at a country music festival just outside of Reno/Sparks. Got an air mattress for the tent (cheating a bit, but we're not exactly backwoods camping...most of the group is going to be staying in an RV). Got the cooler ready, and a huge 5 gallon water jug to leave on the back of my tailgate for hydration in the dusty sun (and a pound of countrytime lemonade to mix in it :D )

I could speak about work a bit--there are finally two other managers supporting my area, so the level of stress and madness is slowly going down, but I think it finally all just caught up with me and well... it literally took me out for a week. I'm quite looking forward to the next few days, and then hopefully Monday making a trip to Emerald Pools in the Truckee, CA. area. 

I was supposed to organize a camping trip with some of the folks from work, but now that summer is in full swing and August is almost amongst us, I absolutely have not looked up group camping places in the Truckee area. It still isn't too late to try and get some real summer fun in...but maybe a trip to Village Pizza in Truckee is in order, instead.

To continue with the random jumping of thoughts, yesterday was my first day back in active-land after the cold took me out. So after laying in bed for nearly two weeks, I suddenly told my body "Let's go do all the activities!". Needless to say, I slept like a baby last night. But, I am going to get a quick run in and take the dogs out before it gets too incredibly hot out. Both giant fluffers, it's almost 80 here already and it's only 9am. It'll easily peak past 100, and if I try taking them out in that, they'll get sick :( So, I hope you all have a wonderful day, and stay healthy. Seriously, do not take the healths for granted. I know it's a common thing these days to see the "take time for you" train on social media and folks talking about it, but it's ever-so important. I think being side-lined for a week in the middle of summer is a perfect example of WHY it's important, but it goes beyond that.

Take care of yourself mentally. Take care of yourself nutritionally. Take care of yourself physically. Take care of yourself spiritually. This will mean something different to everyone, but for me, it's taking the time away from work and work-related items (hello, email notifications!), taking time for myself to either go lift at the gym, or run without distraction. It means cooking for myself, knowing what goes into my body, fueling it right, and staying connected. Connected to me. To yoga-ing and being self-aware. To actively run a diagnostic check and when I find something wrong, fix it. Don't ignore the check engine light. It could just be a leaking gas cap...it could be a small waste of fuel, but otherwise non-damaging. Or, it could blow up and take you out of the game; and there are no rental cars for your body. When you're out, you're out. So, take care of yourself.

As I jump off my soapbox, I want to know--how do you take care of yourself? I'm actively looking for more me-things to incorporate into the routine, so please share. What little things do you do to keep you going?

Wish you all love and happy adventures!