Big Broken Baby

This past week has flown by. Work has gotten 100x less stressful now that they have added additional managerial support to my shift. It went from literally being just me over just shy of 200 people and 5 manufacturing lines, to two other supervisors and an associate manager strictly on my shift, with me only over 2 lines. Part of me wants to apply for the associate manager role, myself, but after the events of the last week, I’m also thinking it might be good just to breath deeply and appreciate where I’m at right now. Yes, climbing the corporate ladder and being career driven is all great and dandy, but I also, for the first time since starting my journey at Tesla, do not feel overwhelmed. It’s starting to slow down to where it should be—just me and my team and me being able to focus on driving the line and developing them individually.

With the house sold and all but one straggling bill paid off for Ohio, I can breath a little easier, too, knowing half my months work isn’t being siphoned away before I even see it. I’ve lived the last month more-or-less celebrating the financial ease I feel, but now it’s really time to get back on track. Why? Because, as life would have it, there’s always unexpected expenses.

For the last month or so—really, after a week or two with Turdle and Pickle living together, my dog developed a habit of babying his right rear leg. After a few weeks, I took him to the vets, where they gave him doggy-aspirin and told me to monitor him for the next week. I put him on house-arrest (no hiking, minimal running—just a quick walk to do his business outside), and he seemed to get better. Fast-forward two more weeks to our growing adventures in Silver Springs, and his second weekend in the desert, we come home to find him chewing a severed jack rabbit ear. Not having been present for the hunt, I can only assume my nugget sprinted his little hiney off in the sand to contribute to that kill. That was three, maybe four days ago, at this point. Two days of watching him hobble around to finish out my work week, and Monday when I woke up, I gave the vets office a call to have him x-rayed.

They got us in Tuesday, and initially just feeling his knees, the vet noticed he was sparing both legs (he’s become a lolasana champ). His knees were swollen badly enough she needed to take x-rays, and as we both feared, it’s looking like he’s going to need surgery. His joints in his knees are essentially shifting in ways they shouldn’t be able to move if all his ligaments were connected and functioning properly. With how unstable his knee joints are, she put him on more doggy aspirin, doggy narcotics, and sedative to keep him calm until I can get an appointment set with an orthopedic surgeon for his double-knee surgery. Little guy is on mando-house arrest until we get this all sorted out.

After leaving the vet’s office, we walked around the little shopping square it’s located in, and I discovered a larger, local doggy boutique nested in the back corner. We popped our heads inside to see what they had, and it seemed to be a local, lady-owned shop with her large, loafy great dane. They had unique items and novelty adornments you’d expect at a shop such as hers, and I couldn’t help but pick up a bottle of earthbath shampoo and conditioner for the dog—I’ve used it at a doggy bath-house before and really liked it. It’s 100% biodegradable, cruelty free, lathers really nicely, and smells really good. I couldn’t help but think that I could build rapport with the shop and potentially pilot some TurningStrawberry merch there, or even promote a hike and yoga event on Sundays.

Anyways, I’ll keep ya’ll updated on the puppy. For now, him and I will be spending most of our time around my apartment here in Sparks. It should help with my buying-all-the-foods habit I’ve unfortunately developed, so that’s a plus, but the downside is no more ride-sharing to work.

I’m calling the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow to set up the consultation. Please, keep my little guy in your thoughts and prayers.