Finally, after 5 months of waiting, my house in Ohio has finally sold!

With the last of the paperwork signed away this week, I have officially bought and sold my first home.

It's both exciting, and sad. Purchased at the end of July last year, I technically owned if for just over a year, but only lived in it for a few months before up and moving to Nevada. I wish the family that now lives there the very best!

On the topic of houses, the sale of a home in Silver Springs went through the exact same week my house in Ohio officially closed. A buddy of mine just closed on their first home, and I've been helping with the move for the last three weeks. I think we're finally about there. The house is set on a completely fenced-in desert plot, perfect for the dogs to run and play and chase rabbits on. The last owner planted fruit trees and had a watering system set up from the well, so my very first time checking out the yard, after filling my face with warm, ripe, juicy peaches, I collected a big bag of the fresh yellow peaches to turn into a cobbler. I'm waiting on the apples to ripen, but Thordimoose keeps eating all of them from the bottom of the little tree. The yard is littered with half-eaten green apples...I'm surprised the little guy hasn't gotten a stomach ache, yet. We're all waiting in anticipation of the fruit harvest. It's absolutely not my house, but as long as I turn the bounty into delicious things to share, I don't think I'll be turned away anytime soon.

I'm trying to finally get my apartment in Sparks organized. I still have boxes that I haven't unpacked in my living room, and with helping friends move, I've acquired a pretty nice air conditioner and a new sofa couch. Like, a really nice remote control window unit, and a really comfortable suede-feeling three-seated corner couch and ottoman. The other three seats from the couch set had been chewed to nearly nothing by Thordimoose as a puppy-puppy, so after being toted around in my truck for three days, I finally dropped it off for disposal. The seats are still really good, but the whole back of the couch is missing and I know I don't have it in me to upholster and re-stuff it any time this decade.

It's nice feeling like I'm finally on the down-side, though. From moving here, it's been non-stop. Sparks is a rather expensive area to live in, so between cost of living here in Nevada, still paying for the house in Ohio, helping the ever-continuous flow of friends moving, and trying to keep my own place in line, it has felt like the move out here has never stopped. I've been here for what, five months? And have moved twice myself and helped two other people move a total of three times. I'm all moved out.

But helping others puts my own situation into focus. Today, I'm going to clear out one box from my living room. One box that has sat in the corner since the movers deposited it there four months ago. I think that's a fairly achievable goal.

I'm also trying to get back on track, physically. The last 3 weeks have been work, moving, sleep, work, moving, sleep, work, moving, sleep, moving, sleep, moving, sleep...

But now that the bulk is there--storage units emptied, old residencies emptied; I'm trying to take a little time back for me. Yesterday was my first time scanning my badge to get into the gym in over two months, and I'm feeling the burning soreness in my thighs, today. The gym is still on my agenda--I've been sleeping all day (big surprise...) but I need to get my physical activity and dietary habits back in-line. It's been so off that I've felt off...physically, mentally, and spiritually. I guess Sonic, Del Taco, and Jack-in-the-Box all in the same day will do that to a person. But it's been affecting my mood and I've been a Crabby Sally since I've been living on the go without the right resources to nourish and fuel. I've been trying to substitute what my body has been craving with worldly, external pleasures. Shopping trips, for example (although, I do have some pretty cute sundresses now...), or face masks and hair treatments. But some things just need healed from the inside out.

September is National Yoga Month, which is perfect for my personal physical and spiritual goals. I took measurements today to track my physical growth over the next month, and I am challenging myself to regularly practice at least 3 days a week. The commitment and community of a studio always helped me stay accountable back in Ohio, but I refuse to pay the outlandish studio-fees that exist here in Reno-Sparks. I use the app Down Dog to practice at home, and as long as I get the motivation to unroll my mat, they take care of the rest.

I encourage you to increase your time on the mat, this month. However you choose to do it--ten minutes of sun salutations to start your morning off, setting aside 40 minutes for a physically demanding vinyasa flow, or trying out a new studio with a one-month pass, do it with me and we can be yoga buddies, together! If you're flowing, tag me in a photo @turningstrawberry! And comment what helps you feel more motivated to get moving, or what helps you feel more grounded. They say it takes 30-days to form new habits, let's see what impact September will have on setting new healthy habits for all of us.