Sick Day

So here we are, two weeks after my last post, three drafts saved, and finally I’m at a point of publishing one.

The last two weeks have been…eventful.

For those of you that follow my other forms of social media (or check the Instagram link on the IGallery, here) you’ve seen photos of restaurants, friends, and games. It’s been a busy two weeks between work and personal life, but in the last two weeks there have been some pretty solid markers in 2019 progress.

Monday mornings are snowboarding. Not always, but there’s a push to getting up to at least NorthStar every Monday. Tuesdays, effective two weeks ago, are dinner and board games with friends. Part of my resolution was financial responsibility, yes, but also establishing a life outside of work. That being said, as I come up on the end of my lease at my current apartment, the hunt was in full swing two work and secure a new pad. Part of the motivation to hit up more of the Midtown area is the fact that, as a formal announcement, last Sunday after work I signed my lease and dropped off the deposit on my new place. Come the end of February, I’ll officially be living in a house in Midtown.

The house is located a block away from The Glass Die board game bar and right up the road from some of my favorite eats. It’s a bike-ride away from the Midtown Community Yoga Studio, and it’s not too far away from the Truckee River Walk. I’ll have about a month and a half of overlap between the two places, but being a 4br house, it’s cost divided up amongst multiple residents is just over half of what I’m paying in rent right now. Better location, cheaper rent, full house with fenced in back yard? Yes, please!

So, my timeline is a bit off—I haven’t fully sorted through all of my belongings, yet. I’ve gone through my closet and drawers, but I haven’t tackled shoes, coats, or unopened boxes. Having secured a place to live, mid-February will be the mass move and set up of the house. As I pack up this apartment, I’ll sort what I have, and as I unpack in the new home, I’ll sort a second time. I’ve got a lot of stuff to finish sorting through.

That being said, some updates on me, personally. 1) I’m sick. Snot-nosed head congestion, fever-running sick. I made it through the first 8 hours of work last night, but called it quits before the full 12. I got home about 2:30a, and by 3a I was out cold. I woke up just before the 2p alarm, only to wallow in bed for another hour before making the decision to call off tonight, too. That brings me to my current topic of discussion, something we’ve all heard or already read about, but I don’t think can quite be repeated enough. Mental health is just as important, if not moreso, than physical health, and is just as equally as viable of a reason to take time off of work.

Let me elaborate.

The last few weeks at work have been mentally and emotionally strenuous, to say the least. I can also tie every time I’ve been sick in the last 4 years to a highly stressful time in my life. The first time I had been sick since childhood, was in 2014, when I was working my first internship, around the clock. This was the summer I logged my first 18.5 hour work day. I got paid 40hrs a week no matter what, but I was easily logging over 70+. My work objective kept changing, there was terrible leadership, and overall my emotional levels of stress were sky-high. Cue a case of the summer flu. Awful cold sweats, sick to the core. My first real run in with emotional fatigue affecting physical health. After that summer, I made a promise to myself never to allow myself to get to that point, again.

Cue the year of 2017. That winter, I had two mini-sicknesses. Sick enough to buy cold medicine to get through the work day. Also, a large player in why I decided to leave my job and throw as much effort into this website, as I did. I wasn’t happy, I was stressed and emotionally worn out. Boom, life change.

Now, let’s talk Tesla.

Since starting here almost a year ago, this is the second time I’ve had to call off work for being sick. The first time, I tried pushing through it. I still showed up to work until a lump the size of a golf ball appeared on my throat. I had terrible body aches to the point I could hardly move, cold sweats, sore throat, fever, and exhaustion, and yet I pushed through and still went in. Finally, I called off work and made an appointment with urgent care. Initially, I was asked if I was exposed to anyone with mono. After some questioning and basic examination, the nurse thought it was hands-down a case of strep. After several tests, they still couldn’t figure out what was wrong. I was tested for several strains of strep, mono, and various viruses, and they all came up negative. I was clearly sick, it wasn’t getting better on it’s own, and they didn’t know where to go from there. After a week on antibiotics, and calling out the rest of the week from work, I recovered and was good to go.

The next moderate cold came when I was in the height of my apartment stress and was commuting back and forth to Silver Springs, regularly. Not having a sense of stability, I was hit with a head cold that went away after working a short 3-day week and chugging Alka-Seltzer. Now, I’m on round two, and this one is worse. On the last one some ibuprofen and decongestant carried me over, but with the tumultuous nature of what lies ahead in regards to my career and the decisions I am going to make, this one came out of the blue. I felt fine, and after an evening walk/run with the dogs, I was hit with body aches and an escalating fever, insane congestion and pressure, and an overall exhaustion towards everything. I went into work hopped up on ibuprofen for the fever and body aches, and more Alka-Seltzer for the congestion and head pressure, and ever waking minute felt like an hour. Three hours in, I was mentally ready to call it a day, and after fighting with the clock (and the production line) I made it till 2 where I finally said enough. As I said earlier, I added about 3 hours more to my regular sleep routine, but waking up and still not feeling pristine, the last thing I wanted to do, having an idea that my physical illness was brought on due to my weaken immune system from my emotional and stress states, was submerge myself in the toxic environment. And so, as the evening has progressed, I’ve eaten nourishing food, laid in bed almost all day, and rested. Both physically, and mentally. Will this be an end-all? No. But is this a good starting point on my diagnosis? I think so. I feel like I have a case of the common cold, but I am completely convinced, knowing my body, that the reason I fell to the illness is because my mental and emotional states are not completely stable. Today, knowing it was only a 6 hour work day, I COULD have gone in pumped with cold medicine and fought through, but what would that have done for me? Where would that have put me? I’m done with sacrificing health and well-being for the Industry. It’s something we shouldn’t have to, but it only gets worse when your emotions and stress aren’t in a healthy state. That being said, don’t feel bad about calling/texting your boss and asking for the day off. I still felt bad, today, but deep down I knew I needed it. I needed a stable environment to recover in. And while my apartment might feel like it’s on the fritz, it’s 100x better than diving head first back into the environment that is troubling 2/3 of my health.

So now, changing gears, onto update number 2!

Not only did taking tonight off give me the opportunity to write this post and make delicious pancakes (even though I was fed other delicious, nutritious foods), but speaking of food, I’ve received my first video request! This weekend I’ll be working more on putting together the second video for my newly launched YouTube channel. It’ll be (hint hint) a food video! Easy meals in 10min or less, and tips to help the busy bee eat clean, fast, and inexpensive. It’s a play off a question I was asked about fast vegan meals, as well as what I’ve been making to stick to the new years resolution set about financial responsibility, health, and cooking more. So, stay tuned for that :)

That’s about all I have—it’s super late here, now, so I’m going to lay back down and get more sleep.

I hope your January has been full of personal progress and good health, and if it hasn’t been exactly what you hoped, I hope you’re taking the right steps to get you there.

Much love,