Focusing on The Good

If you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel, you know this weekend (my weekend), I had a bit of a run-in with poor business practices and my first run in with grown-ups in the business industry acting…well, quite poorly.

You also know my Tuesday morning was a Treat Yo’ Self with some homemade chocolate chia pancakes (recipe in video description; linked above).

Wanting to adjust and elaborate on more positive notes, I figured instead of lingering on what I can’t change, to instead, shift my focus to all the good work happening, and that is to come.

First off, chocolate chia pancakes! First good thing, is cooking at home. Even though pancakes laced with cocoa powder seem the opposite of something to celebrate, the pancakes were a very welcomed twist to 3/5 days of consuming fast food. Friday morning, leaving work late and hungry, I made an unplanned fast-food run to Carl’s Jr. to order the infamous Beyond Star Burger. Yes, that’s right, Carl’s Jr. now carries the Beyond Burger, and it’s both dangerous and fantastic. Beyond Star Burger combo, no cheese-no mayo, double tomato, hashbrowns, and a sprite. Lord, bless me with self-control, as unhealthy vegan options are growing and growing.

Saturday night into Sunday was a wild ride in northern Nevada weather. My truck is actually still parked at work, because we got about 6” of snow down in the valley, alone, causing the roads to throw up their chain requirement lights. And, guess who’s procrastinated buying snow chains? This lady, right here…

I hitched a ride home with a friend, and needless to say, didn’t go anywhere for the rest of the day. Sunday became a sleep day, and when I finally woke up around 10p, pizza was on my mind. Guess what? By 10p the roads are plowed and Domino’s delivers.

We had a makeshift snow-in dinner date Sunday, ordering a 2-L of coke and several different items off their menu. For me, le Veg, I ordered a large, Brooklyn Style crust pizza with their tomato sauce, double mushrooms, onions, and roasted red peppers. When it arrived, I microwaved 4 Gardin meatballs with some Sweet Baby Ray’s on high for 3 minutes, chopped ‘em up into little sausage-y crumbles, and sprinkled the sticky sweet meatballs all over the top of my pizza. Add some habanero hot sauce and their mango habanero dipping sauce, and that entire pizza was gone by morning. Sorry, I would have IG’d some photos of all the delicious vegan fast food I’ve eaten the last few days, but it’s gone down the hatch wayyy too quickly for that.

Monday was another weird one—Our sleep schedules still aren’t right. I woke up at 5:30a and by 7 we had the dogs out at the park playing in the snow. My puppy had me worried all day, since after coming home he wouldn’t put weight on his left rear leg. After 24 hours of rest and some doggy aspirin, he’s doing just fine.

We planned on going snowboarding Monday, but as the morning passed we got stuff admin stuff taken care of for the house in Midtown (switching services, etc.), and by early afternoon, we scheduled game night with friends for 6p at The Glass Die, and laid down for a nap. 5.5 hours later, we’re waking up at 7p, both late to game night and oddly hungry. Cue Carl’s Jr. run #2. This time, I had half an avocado on the counter at home, so I packed it into a little glass container, and when I got my burger to the bar, added avocado on top. Delicious.

Having 7a commitments, we left the parlor around 11:00p. On the way home, though, detouring through Midtown, we found a bar that had a live DJ playing. We pulled over and stopped for a few drinks at The Loving Cup, jammed out to some remixed 80s tunes, and finally headed on home around 1a.

Today, I’ve been up since 6:30a—self risen, no alarm. By 8a, I was 2 cups of coffee in and perched in front of my laptop. With a large plate of pancakes, I shot and edited the video for this week’s YouTube upload. Sucked into the hole of video editing for 4 hours, I finally emerged just before 1p to make a pot of rice and eat a light lunch of coconut curry soup with rice.

Not too much to note after that. My stomach was super upset for the last 24hrs (probably from the three days of junk food), but having not gone snowboarding or done much else, I went to the gym and got a quick run in. I passed up yoga at a studio today to stay a little closer to a bathroom, but by 4p I had neither gone grocery shopping, cooked dinner, or even really given much thought to what I’m going to be eating the next three days. So what else is there to do when the sun starts turning the sky grey? You guessed it—sleep. For about 5 hours, the entire household has been knocked out under the magical spell of general sleep deprivation and loafyness. The dogs have been super cuddly, but waking up at 10p was incredibly surprising, given they are normally fed dinner no later than 7p. I took them both out for some fresh air around the apartment complex, and soon I’ll head down for an infrared sauna meditation before doing some light yoga, showering, and going to sleep, again, myself. After I eat a quick dinner, too, of course.

All things considered, this weekend has been very quiet. While it wasn’t the plan, I don’t think until I’m off these 12-hr night shifts that that cycle is ever going to change. That being said, time to switch gears again for a bit of a progress update.

Number 1: Housing
So far, so good. Key pickup for the new place is scheduled for this coming Friday morning, meaning next weekend is all about moving the basics into the new pad. That being said, I’m working on selling some of the larger items I’ve been carrying around, as well as still haven’t quite sorted through all of my belongings, here, yet. My three step/three month plan is a bit out of order, but it’s all getting done before March, which is all I can ask for.

Number 2: Yoga
I had set my sights on getting my 200-hr RYT before the end of 2019. Good news, I’m enrolled in the teacher training at the Midtown Community Yoga studio, starting the last week of February and running through the first weekend of June. The training is almost every Fri-Sun, which is exactly the worst times for me, personally, but I am determined to make this happen. I have PTO saved up, so I’ll just cover what times the training overlaps with Tesla in time off. I’ve already started discussing this with my boss, but it’s gonna be a rough three months. If I’m EVEN MORE tired come March, this is why.

That being said, overlapping a bit with my video, I still want to do something for March and April. March is a bit of a long-shot at this point, simply because it’s already February and I need time to advertise, etc., if I were to set up an event with a new place. I have another place in mind (hint, hint, it’s where we’ve been frequenting the last few weeks), but just in terms of rest vs. work, I may need to postpone any events until April.

Number 3: Earth Day Event
For those of you that have been around a while, you may remember last year’s Earth Day theme and giveaway. Focused on reducing single-use plastic, the giveaway was two beautiful packets of reusable silicone straws, completely sponsored by Seraphina’s Kitchen. If you’re in the market for reusable straws and do not like how glass or metal feel in your mouth (the bite is an adjustment), definitely check our their selection. They offer various sizes for smoothie chunks and beverages, with colors ranging from bright bolds to soft pastels.
This year, I want to stay on the topic of plastics. This time, it’s something we don’t quite think about or realize. Everything plastic that isn’t melted and recycled eventually breaks down. From plastic single-use grocery bags, to even synthetic fibers off our clothing. As they break down smaller and smaller, they become something called microplastics. I’ll get more and more into it on this page as Earth Day gets closer, but it’s something to start thinking about, now. How do microplastics affect the environment, wildlife, and in turn, you? Comment a fact you’ve researched on your own, below, to help share the knowledge.

That about wraps it up for me. Over the course of the last ten minutes, I’ve thrown together a super easy veggie stir-fry (zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, cubed tofu, with generous seasonings, served with rice and topped with teriyaki hot sauce), and as I eat this in peace, I’m going to read a bit before heading down to the sauna. I’m a bit behind—still need to finish my book from January, to stay on pace with my big brother’s Christmas gift!

Have a wonderful evening, everyone. I hope you have a happy hump day, and a great end of your week!