Moving Day

It’s finally time—we have the keys to our new place, and we’re three days in to our several-week-long process of moving in.

Getting the keys has been no small feat. After several email communications with our new landlords, last Friday we drove from work to the property to meet them at the agreed upon time, 7:30a, for an initial walk-through and key pickup. Low-and-behold, 30m later, still no one there. We call them, only to find out they’re an hour and a half away, and had mistaken the key exchange for 7:30p. Not sure how, since every exchange we’ve ever had, we emphasized the point that we work nights and anything coordinated on a work day would not only be inconvenient, but would have to revolve around when we’re heading to and from Tesla, but no worries, we re-scheduled for a Sunday morning key pick up. In return for the inconvenience (since we couldn’t get inside to see how the last tenants left the place) we also requested the place be professionally cleaned.

Sunday, my soon-to-be-official housemate went to pick up the keys (I was knocked out, after getting home from work and getting a nice run and sauna cycle in). After meeting up, I heard the tale of how the house STILL has yet to be cleaned, and with the full walk-through, there’s also open pipes allowing cold air to flow in from outside, an open, unsealed doggy door, and the weather sealing around the doors are next-to-non-existent. All items were placed on a list for the new landlords to correct, asap (which they were totally fine with. We have a repair guy coming out at 10a, today).

We already had friends lined up to help us move, so Monday we knocked out all of the large furniture. With it being a 3-person team, there wasn’t much I could help with, other than continuing to box stuff up. Day 1 consisted of 6 hours (3 trips) of hauling large furniture back and forth, and setting it up.

Day 2 was much less strenuous. I made a quick 1-trip stop to the apartment, where we filled up the bed of my truck with boxes of glassware and all of the food from the pantry, and the body of the Honda with little boxes and bags of items like changes of shoes, delicates like mirrors and glass, and a big folding table. Just because we’re moving, doesn’t mean we’re missing game night! All it means, is game night is moving to us :)

Today is day 3. Again, Germann the repair man is coming to seal up and fix some stuff around the house. I woke up at 5:30a like clockwork (I’ve been on a regular sleep schedule all weekend!!) and made my way to the apartment by 7. I’ve loaded up some medium sized furniture and a few more boxes—I’ll do one full truck-load today, run and shower, and head back to the house. Since the internet doesn’t get moved from the apartment to the house until Sunday, I’m trying to get this blog post up today for y’all.

Next week, we’ll tackle moving stuff from Silver Springs to the house, and on the heavy-furniture-moving-day, I’ll come back to the apartment and scrub it clean. …or, go snowboarding…we’ll see (^_^)

All in all, everything should be completed within the first few weeks of March.

I will say, though, moving has been hard on my wallet. Just to touch base on New Year’s Resolutions, January, my credit card statement was PHENOMENAL, compared to prior months. There was lots of cooking in, minimal gas station and restaurant stops, and lots of creative happenings, going on. Heading into February, we got snowed in and had several fast-food runs (I wrote about that, last week), but then now that we’re moving, we’re really racking up the restaurant bills. Part of it is convenience with the house being a mess and trying to clean and operate out of the two places, part of it was Valentine’s Day and discounts at Olive Garden (because yum, breadsticks!!), but the other part is that food and drinks is our primary payment to friends who help us move. While exploring Midtown, we’ve had dinners with the final bill ranging anywhere from $35.00, all of the way to over $100, not including tip. It really is a gamble, both with restaurant and menu items.

That’s about it, though. By the end of today, most of our kitchen items will be moved. I’ll just need to go grocery shopping and prep some delicious yum-yums for the next week. Derailed a bit for a few weeks in February, but now we’re back on track!

I should get back to packing and hauling boxes out.

Wish me luck with the rest of the move!

Much Love,