A Thought Before Sleep

To bed, I soon go, for tomorrow is another day. A day that will begin with (likely) rolling out of bed at the crack of dawn, to (definitely) hustle down to the studio and unroll my mat for practice.

Practice, practice, practice.

It feels good to have something worth driving towards—it’s been a while since I’ve felt passion for something. Work is, well, work. And I can say I’m not one of the few hard laborers out there who are passionately in love with what brings them financial security. I am, however, one of the many on a mad hunt to find it.

Yoga brings me happiness, and however fleeting the feeling, a sense of enlightenment.

The more I practice, the more consistent my practice is, the greater the feeling is and the stronger the connection is to the rest of the world around me.

For many like me just starting out, finding that footing is a tumultuous path full of not just material questions such as financial placement, but spiritual upheaval and an overall tsunami’s wake throwing everything and all into scrutinous question. And it doesn’t end any time soon. It’s a lifelong challenge to place each piece back into a newly cleaned slot. A slot cleansed with new energy and knowledge. A slot that may not have existed previously, because that’s what comes with opening your mind to the new. A slot that will undoubtedly kick and reel the next day and the next, because that’s what practice brings. You expand, you become more accepting, you awaken.

Wake up, practice, and be.

Let everything be that is around us. Be the best that we can be to not just preserve, but better our environment. Better the world we live in. Change and adapt with each coming day.

Accept, adapt, and grow.

Each mantra brings about a new train of thought. Each train speeding by, requiring focus and guidance to direct it’s momentum towards something productive.

And as I ready myself for bed, I pose this question—how am I making an impact? How am I developing myself, developing others?

And as I ready myself for bed, I answer to myself, this: “That is a question your actions tomorrow will solve. For now, rest. For your rest will drive the change that tomorrow will bring.”