Progress: First Lessons & New Hobbies

Yoga Tuesday!

Today, I taught my very first at-home lesson. Two students and me, in my living room, just yoga’ing it up.

This week has been an adventure. From trying to swing my first 4-day work week with teacher training, to teaching my first group class at a studio, to expanding my outreach to an at-home semi-professional practice, things are evolving in a wonderful way.

Last week, I practiced adjustments on an Intro to Ashtanga class at the Community Yoga Center. Leading into this week, I prepared to lead my first led Ashtanga Primary class, being super critical up to the seated postures. Teaching my peers and getting awesome feedback both on my verbal cues as well as physical adjustments, today, as I stated, I had my first in-home practice. Two individuals who have never practiced yoga before trusted their practice to me, and while the Sanskrit seemed to throw them off a bit, there’s nothing more satisfying than someone commenting “Man, I thought “yoga, this would be easy”, but that was really hard!!!”. As we practiced, my list of potential students is growing. Primarily people that work the same shift as I do, it’s branched from one or two, to now five, possibly six. If everyone who has expressed interest actually shows up, it may be a bit of a tight fit in my living room (^_^)

But, it’s definitely given me motivation. Motivation to clean the living room and clear out all of the boxes (although, now my office is a mess), motivation to interior decorate, and a spiritual cleansing to potentially last a little longer at Tesla, itself.

I’m working on a sign-up page and class schedule for here at my home. I feel like it would be a ton of fun to start incorporating out-of-house yoga and hikes, or bike rides, to the agenda. Prepare!!

That being said, there’s still a TON that’s up in the air, still a ton to discover, and still a bunch to explore. I’ve been on a huge herbal kick for the last month or so. One of the biggest challenges for me, when I really boil down what I do not like about my current situation, is the change in sleep schedule. Yes, the culture and the environment for me is tough, but today I had an interesting conversation with one of my associates. She “never realized” things above her level, as in above my interactions with her, were less than ideal. To me, this was oddly comforting. To know my fight, and my bubble, makes… for lack of a better term, a safe space, for my associates, to just come in and do their thing without being affected by all of the politics and company drama, now THAT tells me I’m doing something right. That tells me I’m doing my job well, and as my team is the record-holding team (small humble-brag), I’ll take it. Until, that is, I organically progress into something else.

I digress…back to the topic at hand.

I’ve been moderately obsessed with the valerian plant ever since my trip up to Washington. The more I research it, the more I question home-made tinctures and possibly growing valerian and skullcap in a personal garden for use. I purchased a tincture from a local shop called Sister Sage while perusing Pike Place market, that’s supposed to help with having a more restful sleep. I finally tried it for the first time last night, and I can definitely say I was knocked out. As it’s only the first night, I can’t say too much more, nor can I directly attribute it to the herbs, but in my household, sleep is often restless, and as someone that has a sense of disdain for western medicine (I recognize its benefits in certain circumstances, however, I believe we sorely over-medicate), I was ready to try something other than melatonin to try and get a few capital Z’s in my night (or day’s) rest.

We’ll see. If this trial goes well and if I can find a way to organically and legally source it (it takes up to 2-years for the plant to mature and for the roots to be potent enough to be worth extracting oils from), I might begin dabbling in more homemade remedies. It is supposedly great as a topical salve, too, for sore muscles and for bruises, and a great overall painkiller. I guess I’ll find out more the more I use it. The more I’ve opened my eyes to looking for it, the more I realize how readily (or not so readily) available it is—the house two doors down has some red valerian creeping under their fence onto the sidewalk, and the riverwalk has a bunch of white and pink valerian growing by the park. Whether or not any of that is free to grab, though, is another question, or if I’ll need to wait until my own roots grow and just settle for clipping the leaves, for now, for a fresh-leaf tea. To be fair, the neighbors yard looks like they’ve never heard of a lawn mower, so whether or not it’s just a re-populating weed, or if it’s a medicinal patch they, themselves, planted, is up for debate. I wouldn’t trespass, but the stuff on the sidewalk is totally free for the public, right?? (^_^)

I’ll stop, before I get too far ahead of myself…

Wish me luck!