**Strawberry Moon Giveaway**

Alas, we’re over halfway through 2019. As we passed the first quarter of the moon, this morning, we’re a week out from June’s full moon! Full moons bring about immense energy, and can intensify any feelings, ambitions, or thoughts you are currently experiencing. June’s full moon is nicknamed the Strawberry Moon in North America, in honor of the fruit that begins to ripen for harvest at this time. In keeping with Turning Strawberry’s mission, it only makes sense we’d use the Strawberry Moon to challenge intentions and set forth positive actions, pushing upon what we would like to harvest in our individual lives.

This month’s full moon is set to crest early on the 17th, meaning if you’re up late on Father’s Day, you’ll see it. As the Strawberry Moon approaches, take some time to express gratitude, love, and positivity. Allow positive thoughts to manifest within you, building up to this coming weekend. Express love towards the father-figure in your life. Be thankful for any and all opportunities afforded to you, or that you’ve managed to best. Think positive thoughts about whatever career or personal goals you may have. You can either be positive, and set forth positive energy, or you can amplify the negativity you’ve been carrying around.

Now the challenge. Share how you’re manifesting this positivity. Share a positive thought or action you’re doing/done. Did you give your soul love in a little me-time or exercise? Did you practice? Did you help a stranger? Did you apply for a new job? Did you go to church or a place of spiritual belonging and send forth clarity and positivity?

As we transition into the second half of the year, ask yourself: What are you going to do with it? Use this moon to launch yourself into a passion, an endeavor, an interest of yours that you’ve been ignoring or neglecting. And when you do, be sure to tag @TurningStrawberry on IG or #turningstrawberry on Facebook.

As you all know, a passion of mine is Earth Love. Every day from now through Sunday is an opportunity to tag an intention, and every tag (one per day) is an entry in the Strawberry Moon giveaway! The featured item is a FinalStraw, and will also include other zero-waste favorites both in-house and external.

If you’re in the local area, you can also join me Monday morning for a special full-moon flow, where we’ll focus on pushing into those intentions while grounding our thoughts and energies for stability through our practice, and in life.

Let the positivity flow, this week, and launch yourself into the second half of the year ready for all that is coming.

Much Love,