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The Plague of Complacency--Disinterest at it's Finest

“So, I guess, here we go. The second stage to Turning Strawberry. The first phase launched this platform. It launched the journey and the move to something new. And while it helped me break free and move on to something new, something entirely different in life, this phase no longer serves me. Instead, it’s dragging me into a very familiar, melancholic state of mind that I do not want to sink in to.”

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Gardening Tips to Spade in Spring--Happy Spring Equinox!

“While you’re doing your own research into what space you would like to create and what plants best serve you (I also have several tomato sprouts growing, because I love ‘maters), please remember the little critters that will also enjoy your green space…”

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Does the Captain go Down with the Ship?

"My official resignation stated that I would be here until the 23rd, so the part of me that was raised to honor your word is fighting hard with the side of me that has any scrap of personal pride, left. At this rate, I could it a clean cut, but that's just wasting my time and theirs. I don't know... this is highly fuelled by emotion, and I'm just stewing."

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