Foster the Fuzzies 2018

Executed in conjunction with the  Stark County Humane Society , Foster the Fuzzies 2018

Executed in conjunction with the Stark County Humane Society, Foster the Fuzzies 2018

I want to give a big, heartfelt thank you to everyone that donated this year to the Stark County Humane Society for February's Foster the Fuzzies.

Together, we knocked just about everything off their list, in a huge box it took 2 people to carry in!! From our small, physical pool, we were able to collect bottles & nipples, KMR & rice cereal powder, washcloths, towels, blankets, pads, paper towels, pounds upon pounds of dog food and cans of cat food, overflowing bags of toys, harnesses, treats, and so much more. 


Even after the event is over, you can still donate directly to the Stark County Humane Society here, or donate to Turning Strawberry in the link, below. What's even more precious than your financial resources, though, is your time. If you're in the market for a new companion, remember to "Adopt, Don't Shop". If you're unable to adopt, consider fostering, and if you're unable to foster, become a volunteer. Hundreds of dogs and cats are just waiting to play with you at your local humane society, so set aside some time and make their day.


Kitten Take-Home Kit Items:

*Plastic storage Tub

*package of bottles & nipples

Container of Kitten Milk Replacement

box of rice cereal powder

*wash clothes

*hand towels

*soft blanket

*puppy pads

*heating pad

Roll of toilet paper

roll of paper towels

Other Items:

Canned cat/dog food

muffin tins (kitten feeder stations)

9x13 disposable pans



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Do you have a fuzzie of your own? Snap a photo, and tag @TurningStrawberry on IG!

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