My Philosophy

Really, though. Who Am I?


Life is full of adventure. It’s full of ups and downs, peaks and valleys. As a wise fool named Big Brother once said, the path of life is like a sine wave. The risks you take in life equate to the amplitude of your wave. The greater the risk you take, while it opens you up to great failure, it also opens you up to greater achievement and success. Everything balances out, but the closer you hug the centerline--the safe zone, the line of no disruption, the less likely you are to be that one in a million. You have to be willing to survive rock bottom, to even attempt to fulfil any great potential you may aspire to. And while centerline might create comfortable contentedness for some, it's not for me. In my short tenure here on Earth, I've hit some pretty awesome highs, and my fair share of awful lows. A huge part of it is perspective. And that's why I'm here, today. I created this concept to help cope with being at one of the greater lows I've ever been in. And now, for me, I've emotionally hit the breaking point where it's time for a change. I'm a firm believer that everyone is in charge of their own happiness, and so it's time to dust the flour off (literally and figuratively), and move on. Instead of coping, I'm going to capture. I'm going to capture every portion of my journey in pursuing happiness--towards turning strawberry.

In an effort to becoming the raw, unadulterated form of myself, I've got to pick what I stand for, carefully. Ultimately, it's kindness. Kindness towards others, towards every living thing. To enjoying the green Earth, and ensuring it's preservation for future generations. For health, and wholeness, because good health and complete wholeness are bricks to building long-term happiness. When one is whole, one is happy.

Find what makes you feel whole. Find what makes your soul feel complete. For me, it's being totally absorbed in nature, watching my dog run free and chase after fauna. It's running until my legs give out, and my lungs yearn for oxygen. It's learning, creating, and giving. To care for another being gives me a satisfaction that's difficult to put into words. To watch my hard work pay off--to watch my labor place a smile on someone's face. To know that I'm helping to brighten someone else's day. Those are the things that truly matter. And while it's just a small, speckle of a blog right now, I hope to turn my philosophy on life into something greater. Something that will power a greater movement, and make an impact on someone, something, beyond just myself.



Feature 1

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Writing across the lines

The ongoing tale of two friends. Friends who grew up together, but as time passes, live in two separate worlds. Trying to keep in contact, from Ohio, to Colorado, and all of the states in between, peer into the messages of two friends as they write across the lines.

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