Wax Food Wraps

Wax Food Wraps


This one is a long time coming!

My recent 30-days plastic free adventure prompted the final push to make these. Made here in Nevada from scrap 100% cotton textiles, candelilla wax, rock pine rosin, and 100% jojoba oil, these anti-microbial clothes are perfect for wrapping and storing food in the refrigerator or freezer. Just warm the wrap between your hands to make it good and sticky for use, and wash with mild soap and warm water between uses. Candelilla wax has a slightly higher melting point than bees wax, but is fairly comparable, so please do not wash in scalding hot water, or use in the microwave.

Go ahead and look up other beeswax food wraps and see for yourself all of the wonderful ways you can use these. But know by purchasing vegan, not only are you helping the environment and eliminating single-use plastic, but you’re also directly saving the bees!

Two sizes currently available: 12” x 12”; 7.5” x 7.5”

1 package contains 2-12x12” squares and 2-7.5x7.5'“ squares

Because the cloth is upcycled leftovers from the textile industry, the patterns and colors will vary

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Three words: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This product and it’s packaging highlights Reducing and Reusing, and it’s up to you to perhaps Reuse and Recycle!

The cloth is trimmed, upcycled leftovers that would otherwise be scrapped: Boom, Reducing Waste.

By opting for something reusable, you’re ultimately reducing your plastic usage, time and time again. The product might seem a bit heavy, at first. It’s super-saturated in the wax solution so that it maintains its longest life. As you use it, you’ll notice by nature, it’ll become less and less sticky. Eventually, (I mean years down the road) they’ll eventually lose their waxy protection and need replaced. Guess what? Since they’re 100% cotton, they’re 100% compostable!

Now, when your order arrives, you may think “Andy! What on Earth are you doing, using plastic bags to hold the product!”

The bags your product will arrive in are reused. They’re pretty heavy-duty, huh? That’s what I thought, too. Way too good to be single-use and thrown in the garbage (which is what they were destined for). So remove your cloths (or keep them in there, your choice), and use the bag for whatever you want to! Hold your electronic cords, store your toiletries for travel, wash them out and use them as another dry food bag—whatever your heart desires, and when you’re done, please drop it off in the recycling bin. Number 4 plastic is widely recyclable. No matter what you do with this bag, it’s lifespan has been greatly increased from it’s original destination, so know that even though it’s plastic, together we’re reusing and recyling!